and create the freedom and independence you've always wanted in your creative life and business

There are patterns and principles that lead to success as a creative professional.

While that sounds simplistic, in practice most creatives skip that part and approach the process of growing their business with more hustle, and improving their craft.

Yet, there are plenty of successful creators out there who make plenty of money, work less than 40 hours a week, and have full control over their time, their work, their location, their business, and the way they live their lives.

So, what gives?

After 15+ years working as a creative professional, studying under incredible mentors and reading hundreds of books on the subject, I'm here to say that you, too, can get that same control, freedom, and independence.

I'm not here to sell you some secret, or tell you that it just takes more hustle.

Simply put, there are patterns that lead to success in life, and patterns that lead to struggle and suffering.

All it takes is making small shifts to your mindset and how you approach your work - doing more of what works and less of what doesn't.

In this free email series, I'll share with you the most important patterns and principles used by successful creators to grow their businesses, make more money, contribute at a deeper level, reach more people, and create more freedom and fulfillment in their life and work.

Each day for the next week you'll get an email with a principle or pattern and how to implement it immediately so you can start making the changes that will lead to the success you want in your business.

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    What others have to say about the Master The Creator Economy email series:

    Daren has a unique way of simplifying big concepts that I've read about so many times into something that makes sense and makes me want to take action. I can't wait for the emails each week, they have helped me grow my business over the last few months in ways that I haven't been able to for years. ~JF
    The BCC Newsletter is one of just a few email subscriptions I kept when I mass-unsubscribed from everything a few months ago. Each email is packed with valuable advice and real-time learning about being a professional creator, and Daren has been such a huge resource to help me through the creative block I was having. ~MR
    It wasn't until I read one of Daren's emails that I was finally able to start a project that I'd been trying to start for years. Since that point I've already made thousands of dollars from this new side-project, and I can see a clear path forward to turning it into my main business. ~KCS

    Whatever you're struggling with - a creative block, a project that isn't getting the results you'd hoped, growing an audience, or financial stress, this email series will help.

    Because it's based on principles and not tactics, it works for more people in more situations.

    The truth is, mastering the creator economy is about mastering yourself - your psychology and your mindset. That's what this series is all about, changing the beliefs and the mindset of you, the creator, so that you can create the life you've always wanted.

    A few simple principles, applied through new habits and patterns, is all that it takes to finally get the results you've wanted.

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